Frequently Asked Questions - Jumpy Jump Land (2024)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. All reserved parties will start with jump time, followed by party time. These cannot be flipped. After the designated jump time, the party time starts. Parties are semi-private. This means that while you are having your jump time, another party may be in another party area having their party time. But you will be the only party on the bounce floor. When you finish your bounce time and start your party time another party may start their jump time.
  2. Private parties can be reserved through our office and are subject to availability and additional fees.
  3. During the jump time, providing drinks or a light snack to kids is allowed. No food or drink is allowed in the bounce area.
  4. In our experience, we have found that allowing the kids to eat party food (pizza, cake, ice cream etc.) and then go back and bounce, someone’s tummy always gives them a fit. To avoid any issues, we ask that host/hostess not feed guest until their party time.
  5. If a party begins their party time prior to the end of their jump time, they will forfeit any remaining jump time and no refund will be given.
  6. Decorating must be done within the time frame reserved. Additional time for decorating is not available without a special reservation and additional charges. These special arrangements are based on availability and must be reserved at least 14 days in advance. Please contact office for more information.
  7. Time to clean up your party area is also included in your total package time.

We highly recommend booking 6 to 8 weeks in advance to get the time and date you desire. Our Andover facility books 8 – 12 weeks out generally. Haysville and Bel Aire book are usually booked 4 to 6 weeks out.

We are unable to change the time and packages listed on our calendar.

You are welcome to contact our office to discuss special bookings arrangements that would meet your needs. All special arrangements are subject to availability and additional fees.

Party areas only hold about 40 comfortably. For larger parties, please contact our office to dicuss available scheduling options to accommodate your party. Special arrangements may be subject to additional fees.

  1. Jumpy Jump Land provides for reserved parties: a party area conducive to 30-40 guests depending on location. This area includes tables and chairs. Each facility has a restroom.
  2. The bounce floor for your jump time. Each location has a minimum of five awesome bounces for your enjoyment. All locations have equipment to accommodate toddlers.
  3. Andover and Haysville also have a small food prep area that is shared with all parties. Andover also has an ice machine for guests.
  4. We do not provide food, drinks, decorations, or table coverings. Host/hostess are welcome to bring their own to make the party special for the guest of honor.
  5. Decorations cannot be hung on walls. No glitter, loose confetti (including balloons with glitter, loose confetti) are allowed. Pinatas may be used for decoration only. We strongly encourage balloon weights as we are unable to recover any that float to the ceilings.
  6. Host/hostess are welcome to have characters, face painters etc., if the activities stay within the designated party area.

Host/Hostess are expected to inform all guests of the safety rules. They are expected to enforce all safety rules.

Host/Hostess are expected to remove all personal items from the facility at the end of their party time. All party trash should be placed inside trash cans provided by Jumpy Jump Land. Host/hostess should notify staff of any spills or messes as soon as they are discovered so that we can quickly clean them up.

Our staff will sanitize, sweep, and mop, and remove trash to the dumpster after a party leaves.

For posted dates and times you can go to the BOOK NOW link and book directly on the web site.

Party times and package types listed on the calendar cannot be changed.

If you are needing to accommodate for a larger party (more than 40 guests) or would like a date or time not posted on the calendar, contact our office to see what arrangements can be made. All are subject to staff availability.

Call the office for any questions or assistance.

  1. No glitter, loose confetti (including balloons with glitter, loose confetti) are allowed.
  2. Pinatas may be used for decoration only.
  3. We strongly encourage balloon weights as we are unable to recover any that float to the ceilings.
  4. Decorations cannot be hung on walls.
  5. Host/hostess are welcome to have characters, face painters etc., if the activities stay within the designated party area.
  6. Failure to comply with these rules, will result in forfeit of a portion or full deposit.
  7. Please contact the office if you have questions about decorations.
  8. Please remember your decoration time is included in your reserved time. Arriving early does not guarantee you any additional time for decoration.
  9. If you are wanting additional time, please contact the office to see if this is available. Additional charges will apply. All additional time is subject to availability and not guaranteed.

***This pertains to scheduled birthday parties only, NOT during Open Jump. See “What is the Difference Between a Party and Open Jump” for Open Jump rules. ***

Any food is allowed.

No open cooking/frying/grilling is allowed on permise. Crock pots and plug in warmers are welcome. Such items must be adult suprvised at all times while in the building.

Please keep it family friendly. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES on premises. Guests found with alcohol will be asked to leave premises.

We do ask that all leftovers be either put in the trash or taken home with you. Our staff will not be able to accept leftovers from any parties.

This pertains to scheduled birthday parties only, NOT during Open Jump. See “What is the Difference Between a Party and Open Jump” for Open Jump rules.

The party area is a designated area with tables and seating for your guests. It is not a separate room, but is seprated from other parties.

The 45 minute party time includes clean up time.

Each location has at least three 6’ rectangular tables for gifts and food. We do have vinyl tablecloths on these. You are welcome to put your own over to match your theme.

Each party area has round tables. A 60" round cloth from your local party store will fit on all our round tables.

  • Andover – Five round tables and seating for 30.
  • Bel Aire – Six round tables and seating for 30.
  • Haysville – Five round tables and seating 35.

For larger parties contact our offices.

Anyone under the age of 18 is considered a participant/jumper. Parties allow up to 30 before any additional charges occur. Infants 18 months and younger are not considered jumpers but are welcome to participate with an accompanying adult. Adults do not count toward the participant/jumper count.

  1. Parties are reserved at specific dates and times, generally Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays. Parties require a deposit to reserve. Party food, gifts and decorations are allowed during party times. Parties are also assigned to a specific party area for their guest.
  2. Most parties are semi-private, being that your party will be the only group on the bounce floor during your jump time. During this time, another party may be in the other party area, having their party time. When your jump is over, the next party coming in will begin their jump time while you start your party time.
  3. Private parties can be arranged. Contact the office for more information.
  4. Weekday parties are considered private and can be arranged by contacting the office.
  5. Open Jump is open to the public. Open Jumps are preset dates and times. Guest will pay at the door to attend. Children 18 months or younger are free with a paid sibling’s admission, there is no charge for adults.
  6. Open Jump does not require reservations or deposit. During open jump, there is no reserved seating, no party decorations, party foods or gifts may be brought in during Open Jump. A light snack or lunch may be brought in. Parents are required to stay with children during Open Jump.
  7. Private Open Jumps can be arranged. Contact the office for more information.

We understand things happen. If you are going to be more than 5 minutes after your reserved party time we ask that you please call us 316-389-6289 (Friday thru Sunday only) or or contact us on Facebook.

Our staff will attempt to call you if you are more than 15 minutes late for your party.

You are still welcome to come in at any time during your reserved time, however, you will not receive additional jump time or party area time.

  1. We understand things occur and you may need to reschedule or cancel your party reservation.
  2. If you know in advance call our office at 316-218-9222 .
  3. If it is after 4 pm on Friday, please call and leave a message. You may also message us on our Facebook page or email.
  4. Please understand it may be the following Monday before we are able to get back with you to reschedule or refund. Rescheduling or refunds can only be done through the main office, not at any of our jump locations.
  5. Canceling a party with less than a 7 business day notice will result in the loss of any payment.

Invited Guest:

Our staff will look up the party and give you directions to the correct location.

Host / Hostess:

To have the party that day, you will have to go to the location you booked at. Our staff will be unable to adjust schedules the day of to work you in at the incorrect location.

Or you can contact our office the following Monday to reschedule.

If you decide to cancel, no refund will be given.

Because we are not open to the public during reserved party times, this is up to the host/hostess of the party. Please contact them.

All participants, regardless of age are required to wear socks. Yes, this means adults that are jumping are also required to wear socks.

Socks are not required to have grippers on them or purchased from us. Don’t worry if you forget your socks, we have some available for sale in a variety of sizes.

We are not responsible for the loss of personal items brought into the facility.

If we do find items, nonperishable items for 30 days before being donated. Perishable items will be tossed out the Monday following your event.

Contact our office as soon as you realize you may have left something. When you leave a message please include your name, phone, and the location where the item may have been left.

We will contact staff to see if the items were recovered and make arrangements for you to retrieve them.


Jumpy Jump Land
1611 W Ledgerwood Rd Andover KS
(SE Corner of 159th and E Kellogg)
Enter at north ramp on west side of building


Bel Aire

Jumpy Jump Land
6334 E Crestmark Bel Aire KS
(North of 37th and Woodlawn on West side of Woodlawn caddy corner from Sonic)
Enter on south side of building



Jumpy Jump Land
7150 S Broadway Haysville KS
(NE corner of Broadway and Grand across from Jump Start)
Enter parking lot from south gate (off Grand)
Enter building from south door.


Office hours are Monday – Friday 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Location hours vary. Please check our calendar for dates and times.

If you need to speak to someone, call 316-218-9222 or email .

Admission covers the entire schedule open jump time. It is come and go if you keep your wrist band. is our office website. We also have a Facebook page.

We do not guarantee the accuracy of other websites, search engines or social media information. We strongly encourage you to always check our website or Facebook page for the most updated information regarding events, times, and dates.

We cannot refund for missed reservations or parties scheduled incorrectly because of information obtained/used from other sources.

We strongly encourage you to inform your invited guest of the website and Facebook page.

The office is always available for you to call if have questions or concerns about events, times, or dates.

Face masks are not required but welcomed. All jumps and party areas are sanitized before being utilized. Ten (10) minutes prior to jump time ending, participants on the bounce floor will be asked to please move to one side and only use the jumps on that side so sanitization can begin for the next party.

We recommend that, if any invited guest who has been exposed to Covid within the last 5 days, please do not attend. If birthday child’s family has been exposed or becomes ill, please call the office to reschedule the party.

This Website is developed by Sigma Rocks

On the weekend of your party, if you need immediate assistance, you may call the Facilitator at 316-389-6289. Or you may contact our office at 316-218-9222 the first weekday after your party. You may also email or message us on Facebook.

All refunds for parties or merchandise can only be done through the office.

Frequently Asked Questions - Jumpy Jump Land (2024)
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