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Brent Jinks was having a really sh*tty day. His easy mark on Earth was giving him the runaround. He’d accidentally shattered his old orange Asmodean Crystal on his arrival and was doing his f*cking best to go ahead, get the kill, and figure out what to f*cking do next.

His hell’s damn kids were in the f*cking Sloth Ring on their own. Sixteen and more than capable of taking care of themselves. But they shouldn’t have to . And if the f*cking Goetia found them… His knuckles tightened on both hands.

He whipped out his phone as soon as his target was down. Taking a picture of the remains of the ass-hat, and forwarded it to his client before shooting a text to his son. Moony was way more pragmatic than his twin, Starry.

[BJ] [08:23] Stk.
[BJ] [08:23] Chrystul brk.

[Moony] [08:23] What the f*ck, Dad?
[Moony] [08:23] How are you getting home??

[BJ] [08:24] idk
[BJ] [08:24] lk affer u sis

[Moony] [08:24] I will.
[Moony] [08:24] How much money is in the account?
[Moony] [08:24] Should we downsize while you look for a way back?

[BJ] [08:30] I thk pln z

[Moony] [08:32] WHAT THE f*ck DAD.

[BJ] [08:34] gt 2 sneek ot ov citee.
[BJ] [08:35] jst tk cr n sty saff.

Brent turned his phone off quickly and shoved it in his pocket. It was totally only for the reason to save the battery, and not to distance himself from his worried kids .

He looked around for a moment, eyes narrowed at the rising sun. In a flash the red and white imp with copious amounts of tattoos moved back through the alley looking for a place to hide until night fell again.

“MOONY WE CAN’T JUST LEAVE DAD UP THERE!” The slightly smaller two of the implings hissed at her brother, black energy starting to rise from her red skin.

“He said we’re supposed to implement Plan Z, Starry.” The slightly taller impling sighed, running his hands over his face.

“We can’t Moons, we can’t.” Starry wrapped her arms around herself.

Moony stepped forward and took his sister’s hands, applying pressure to the spots their father had shown him when she first started showing magic like this when pressed under heavy emotions.

“We implement Plan Z with a twist. We look for a way to bring him back, home safe and sound.” He told her soothingly.

“It could take years .” She murmured softly, inky black feathers falling around them, down to the floor.

“We’ll do our best, and follow Dad’s rules.” He told her, trying his best to be positive for her.

“I… I think I have an idea…” She murmured softly, looking away from him before looking into his eyes, the black dissipating from her form as hope grew in her heart.

“What is it?” He asked her, co*cking his head to the side.

“That Grimoire he talked about… That that one Prince has…” She started and Moons let out a soft growl.

“Rule number six, Star. We don’t f*ck with Goetia .” He reminded her.

“But Dad’s stuck in the Human world, and he mentioned that they used to be friends.” She mumbled softly, squeezing his hands lightly.

“... Look, if you can find a way where we don’t come into contact with them...” He sighed.

“We’ll look him up on the web, do some reconnaissance, and then formulate a plan!” Her eyes were wide and full of optimism.

“Dad is going to be so pissed.” He grumbled in response.

“Hey can be pissed at us when we get him back home.” She rolled her eyes and pulled her twin brother into her arms.

Brent Jinks had a lot of f*cking time to reflect while in his hidey-hole.

Moony would no doubt look after Starry. He loved the girl with all his heart but her heart was soft and it would most likely get her killed at some point. Half the f*ckin’ wrinkles on his face were probably due to her. Always running into situations without thinking twice. sh*t, she was just like him, wasn’t she ?

Moony would protect her though, nobody f*cked with his little sister - even if they were only minutes apart.

All of a sudden the image of a silver Hellhound entered his head and he tried to push it away quickly with very little success.

Loona .

Would she have loved the twins?

He tried to shake his head but more images only flooded forward.

Moxxie. Millie. Stolas .

He’d probably never see them or his kids again. f*ck .

He ignored the dampness rolling down his cheeks and started toying at some of his tattooed skin as a distraction. Red and white fingers trailing over the black ink of his knuckles. “f*ck TIME” was tattooed across both sets of knuckles, he’d cracked a few jokes about it when knocking f*cks to the f*cking floor…

But honestly? f*ck time .

He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.

Part of him wished he hadn’t slept with Chaz. But he wouldn’t have been able to save Moxxie from that whole stupid wedding plot without doing it and knowing something was off.

He hadn’t realized Stolas could knock him up. Not in the slightest. Thought the baby in his f*ckin’ gut was half shark. He freaked out, ran, faked his death. Knowing that what was left of his family would be disappointed and disgusted in him. His will left half of IMP to Loona, along with his personal possessions, and the other half of IMP to M&M.

It had been easy. Too easy. Find a dead imp around his size, get his tattooed insignia from the circus onto his head, purposely burn it in certain spots to change the coloring, destroy the horns atop its head, and let it rot for a bit in his clothes.

He hadn’t told the tattoo artist who had covered his own insignia with red ink or put the anti-scrying symbol on the back of his neck sh*t . He probably shouldn’t have gotten the tattoos while pregnant, but he couldn’t face the four of them finding him and looking at him with disappointment .

He spent the next few months getting ready for whatever was going to pop out of his f*cking puss*. Thinking he was going to push out something that looked half sharky.

But the brats were imps. Well... the living ones at least. Brent couldn't help but flinch at that thought.

Until their hair came in and their horns started to come in.

Moony and Starry, were without a doubt Stolas’ bastards.

They both had gray hair that had gray feathers that grew within the locks. They’d kept their heads shaved as soon as it started to grow in, for safety. Who knows what those Goetia f*cks would do to his babies if they knew there were half imp half princelings out there .

Their horns? If you didn’t know better you wouldn’t notice - but he knew . He’d seen pictures of Earth owls before. Seen them in real life too. Their horns were like ear tufts, but hard like imp horns.

As they got older, their hands and feet darkened kind of in the way that Stolas’ were darker than the rest of them.

Then they hit puberty and he had to pull them from school and try to homeschool them. And by that, he meant, they learned at home using those big brains of theirs because they were way better at that sh*t than he was.

They were taller than him by what felt like a mile. And when Starry got really upset, black magic radiated off of her in the form of inky black feathers . Just like an owl he used to know.

A part of him wished he could tell Stolas. But that was years ago. Stolas most certainly had moved on, right? ( He’d never actually checked. He never as so much Gaagled his name. ) Moxie and Millie were visible in IMP commercials he’d seen once or twice when entering Pride for a job. He tried not to go up there too much. Or Lust.

The tattoo of Fizzarolli’s stupid face on his ass cheek itched like it knew he was thinking about him. The tattoo of the axe and sniper rifle crossed over each other on his back felt warm against his skin. The tattoo of the Earth owl across his chest, wings spread, with extra eyes he’d gotten from a sinner about five years back? It ached like the emptiness he felt on the inside.

He sighed, taking in a deep breath of air.

Leave it behind Bl- Brent . Leave it behind .

They’re better without you. The twins are safer this way.

He opened his eyes and looked out at the alley below him, from his small, cramped hiding spot. He groaned softly as it began to rain.

Graveyard Shift - Chapter 1 - theladyofwords (2024)
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