Helluva Highschool - Chapter 4 - Sunnydays4ever0 (2024)

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Chapter Four- Murder Family- Part 4- Moxxie

“I can’t believe we’re actually-” Before I could finish my sentence, Blitzo slapped his hand over my mouth.

“You’re gonna blow our cover!” He whispered.

I rolled my eyes and looked at Millie for some assistance, she just shrugged. I couldn’t believe I was actually friends with Millie now. I’ve known her since elementary. I’ve always thought she was cute and kinda scary but… really brave! I wished I had spoken to her sooner instead of waiting till our second year in high school, then maybe we-

“Stop staring at her and pay attention, look!” Blitzo whispered angrily.

Oh crumbs. I was staring at Millie. I looked away as fast as I could but I could feel her eyes on me. Blitzo pointed to the window in the house. Inside was a seemingly nice father and his two kids sitting at a dining table.

“Wait, where is Mrs.Mayberry?” I asked. “Is this even her house?”

“No, of course not idiot! I did some of my own research! This is her husband's second house. He was cheating on Mrs.Mayberry during their whole marriage and had two kids with another woman!” Blitzo laughed to himself. “Rich!”

Millie and I exchanged nervous glances. “But, sir-”

“Come on, Moxxie, I’m only a grade above you,” Blitzo said as he put the camera up to his eye and adjusted the focus. “Call me my name.”

“Yes but-” I couldn’t find the words, luckily Millie understood and spoke up for me.

“I think what Moxxie means to say is,” Millie took hold of Blitzo’s shirt and shook him, “WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING AT A STRANGERS HOUSE? WE COULD GET KILLED!” Millie shook Blitzo so hard that the camera he was holding crashed into the window and onto the dining room table in the house. As soon as we heard the crash of the window pane, the three of us crouched even lower in the bush.

“Don’t be over-dramatic. We might get suspended but we’re not gonna get kill-” As if on cue the sound of a gun pierced through Blitzos words. “SCATTER!” He screamed.

Millie and Blitzo jumped out of the bush, but I stayed put. I didn’t know what to do! This was insane! I didn’t think such a nice-looking family would jump to such violence! Why was their first instinct to pull a gun out? Maybe I could talk to them. Yeah, that’s what I would do… after I made a list of the pros and cons of doing such.

“Huh?” Someone said behind me. It sounded like a young girl. I spun around and jumped out of the bush. “Did you throw the camera in our house?” The girl asked, propping her gun up.

“Some creep spying on our family?” A little boy popped up next to the girl with a shotgun in his hand.

“Hey now…I wasn’t…it’s not…I was just-” I backed up against the wall of the house. Where were Millie and Blitzo when you needed them?

“Get him!” Screamed the girl.

They started chasing after me, but I darted in between them. I ran faster. I didn’t really have a plan, only, keep running until you find help. Hopefully, I would run into Millie or Blitzo but if not I’d have no choice then to run to the cops. But they might arrest me! I was spying on their family after all. Unless I could come up with a convincing argument…

“Moxxie!” Millie came out of the forest calling my name. Not long after, Blitzo came out of the woods too.

“Millie! Blitzo!” they both ran up to me out of breath. “Where were you two?” I asked in between breaths.

“Let’s just say we took care of the cheater and that other bitch.” Blitzo wiped his forehead. Millie looked nervous so I decided not to ask exactly what happened. Another gunshot rang through the forest and I almost forgot we were being chased.

“Those kids! I forgot they’re chasing me!” I said hurriedly.

“sh*t.” Blitzo ran ahead of me and Millie. “I can’t fight right now, we have to hide. We can go to my place for the night, I’ll bring you to school in the morning. Just call your parents and say we’re working on a project.” Blitzo ran ahead without checking to see if Millie and I were okay with the idea.

Millie shrugged and ran after Blitzo. I didn’t know though. Running away seemed like a bad idea, especially after these kids saw us. “Wait a second! I have an idea!” I yelled.

I took out my phone and dialed 9-1-1. I took a deep breath before coming up with the best lie I could think of, “Hi, yes, there's been an accident at this address…no, I’m not harmed…my friends and I were taking a walk when these two kids came up to us with weapons, we weren’t armed…we didn’t know where they’re parents were…yes and they chased us…you will?...okay…thank you so much!”

There was an awkward moment of silence before Blitzo said, “Wow. That was a smart move.” He gave a nod of approval and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

And before I knew it, Millie ran over and hugged me. Blitzo looked just as surprised as I did. But he flashed me a thumbs-up and winked. I felt my face grow hot. Millie stepped back and held my shoulders, “I’m glad you’re okay Mox.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say so I just nodded my head lamely, that seemed to be enough for Millie. She smiled. We all said goodbye and decided to walk to our own home. Blitzo lived in Loversville, I lived in Greedor and Millie lived in Wrathborough. I used to live in Wrathborough but it was a ways away. Millie told us she had to travel a little farther than Blitzo and I to her ranch. It didn’t matter how far away they were, I still had friends. I’d always been an outcast for most of my life. From my family and from classmates. This was the first time things were looking up for me. I just hoped it would last.

Helluva Highschool - Chapter 4 - Sunnydays4ever0 (2024)
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