Sava Schultz Bio and Net Worth: A Promising Social Media Personality and Model (2024)

Sava Schultz Bio and Net Worth: A Promising Social Media Personality and Model (2)

Savannah Schultz is a famous American social media influencer, adult star, TikTok video creator, and public figure. She was born on 23rd November 2001 in her hometown, California, United States, where she grew up.

Being a 20-year-old beauty, she draws a lot of buzz with her modeling poses, cute smiles, and charming personality. Sava Schultz’s social media influence grows by the day and at an incredible pace.

Primarily, she’s renowned for performing lip-sync videos, dancing videos, and funny video clips on TitTok, not to mention her eye-catching Instagram account. With such an active online presence, Sava has amassed a pretty huge fan base and continues to gain millions of followers on her socials.

Sava Schultz Bio and Net Worth: A Promising Social Media Personality and Model (3)

Sava Schultz Wiki Biography (Early Life, Family, & Religion)

Savannah Schultz is nothing but a gorgeous young lady with an attractive personality. According to some of her fans, she looks like a ‘doll,’ which may be true, given she has one of those cute babyfaces.

She has long blonde wavy hair, beautiful brown eyes, and a slender figure, with her body measurements being as follows: 41 (Bust) by 37 (Breast) by 26 (Waist). In addition, the hot TikTok star has no tattoos, wears shoe size 6, weighs roughly 145 lbs., and is approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Sava Schultz hasn’t disclosed much about her early life, parents, or siblings. But it’s understandable as her social media presence just recently came into the limelight. In fact, the Instagram star has barely been on any interview — not that we know of.

Nonetheless, Sava seems to have an elder sister with whom they might have been raised together. But again, these are just speculations as nothing has been confirmed yet regarding her childhood. Both of her parents are of pure American descent, but that’s all there is about them so far.

Despite not sharing much about her personal life, childhood, and family background, the social media influencer seems to have her share of friends. She is often spotted having fun and chilling with them at various places. Her religious affiliation is Christianity, and for those who believe in zodiac signs, Sava’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius — she’s bold and adventurous, alright.

Sava Schultz Educational Background

About her educational qualifications, Sava Schultz attended a private school before proceeding to Windsor High School. Right now, she’s probably studying for her college degree, although she is yet to talk about it.

She’s believed to have developed an interest in the fashion industry rather than school since childhood. So, perhaps she decided to focus on her career instead. When we get more details on Miss Schultz education, we’ll update you, folks!

Sava Schultz Marital Status and Love Life

Having turned only 20, Sava Schultz is not married. Her relationship status is, in a way, complicated. But, by the looks of it, her interests seem to be aligned to those of a paid relationship rather than one involving true love.

She’s an OnlyFans model who creates relations with distinct high-profile sports personalities, celebrities, and business people. And she even charges quite an amount for chatting and talking to her.

However, in the concrete, the famous TikTok star seems to be in a relationship with Timothy Kennedy. Having established his career as a rapper and singer, Timothy Kennedy boasts millions of fans himself.

The two public figures have often been spotted together having fun in different cities, particularly during 2021’s last quarter, and are believed to have kicked it for over a year now.

Sava Schultz Net Worth, Source of Income & Salary

Sava Schultz loves an extravagant lifestyle, with her adult career being her major income source. In addition, she makes a lot of money as a model and social media influencer.

Her OnlyFans, just to mention, charges a whopping $17 for the standard monthly subscription and even has other extended paid subscriptions. She also collaborates with different brands for endorsem*nts through her hugely-followed Instagram account.

Being a model and dancer, Sava Shultz has also been featured in music videos — catch her in Pain and Ride by the musician, social media personality, and actor Page Kennedy.

There is no official or accurate figure on the model’s net worth. But considering her other earnings and assets, Sava has her net worth estimated at roughly $2 million to $4 million.

Sava Schultz Career and Profession

Sava Schultz kicked off her career from Tiktok way before becoming an adult star later on. She joined Tiktok in 2019 but didn’t attract much traffic and praise from her video performances back then. But as time went by, she invested more effort and time in her content and started producing lip-sync videos. But that didn’t change much.

It took her a while to figure it out — she began getting better and better, making different and attractive content, particularly dance videos, which proved rewarding by making her TikTok famous in just but a short span of time.

At the moment, Sava’s TikTok account has accumulated over four million followers. Her Instagram account, on the other hand, has over a million followers, and she seems to be expanding her fan base day after day. However, becoming a social media star and sharing short videos on the TikTok app wasn’t enough for Sava Schultz.

In early 2021, she decided to pursue a career as an adult star and even established her presence on OnlyFans, an adult platform. She had what it takes this time with her beauty, curvy hourglass body, and big physical assets. Currently, Shultz is a hot trend on OnlyFans and consistently shows the desire to push her adult star career to a new high.

Quick Facts about Sava Schultz

  • Sava Schultz is not on YouTube
  • She finds snakes attractive and even pets one in her house
  • Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius
  • She paints the walls of her house by herself
  • She has a pet mouse in her house
  • Coffee is her favorite beverage, and she has it all the time
  • She has a white dog
  • She has paid relationships with several high-profile figures
  • She keeps her personal life private
  • Her Instagram account boasts over a million followers
  • She has over 4 million subscribers on TikTok

A Promising Social Media Personality and Model

As earlier mentioned, Sava Schultz only gained popularity recently — her career has just begun and is in the rising phase. However, the young TikTok star has mastered consistency in delivering captivating content to her audience, something that is vital to her success.

So far, one thing remains clear — Sava Schultz has a promising future. And with her fanbase expanding every day, we expect to see more of the young internet celebrity.

Sava Schultz Bio and Net Worth: A Promising Social Media Personality and Model (2024)
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