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In this Zero Sievert Skills Guide, we'll tell you how Skills work, how Specializations work, and which Specializations you should take.

How Zero SievertSkills Work

There are two kinds ofZero SievertSkills -- Primary Skills and Secondary Skills. Primary Skills affect your gameplay directly; for example, the Fitness Skill increases how much Stamina you have. Secondary Skills, on the other hand, affect your ability to Craft Items.

Here are the four Primary Skill and three Secondary Skills:

  • Fitness - +2 Stamina Per Level
  • Style - +3% looting speed per level
  • Shooting - -2% recoil per level, +1% reloading speed per level
  • Charisma - +1% selling price per level, +2% trader money per level
  • Medicine - Allows you to Craft certain Medication
  • Gunsmith - Allows you to Craft certain Ammo
  • Cooking - Allows you to Cook certain Food

Primary Skills have levels ranging from 0 to 10. Secondary Skills have levels ranging from 0 to 5. Once you max out a Skill, you can Specialize in order to get additional bonuses.

How to Increase Your Skills inZero Sievert

There are two ways to increase your Skills inZero Sievert:

  • Perform activities related to the Skill. For example, you can increase the Shooting Skill by firing your Weapons.
  • Use a Skill Book

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How Zero SievertSkill Specializations Work

Zero SievertSkill Specializations are enhanced versions of the base Skills that provide additional bonuses. Each Skill has at least two choices, but you will only be able to select one of them. You can Specialize in a Skill once you've maxed it out at 10 points for Primary Skills or 5 points for Secondary Skills.

Specializations also have levels -- 10 levels for Primary Skills and 5 levels for Secondary Skills. Each successive Specialization level will further increase the bonus you get from that Specialization.

Here are the Skill Specializations and what they do:


  • Jogger - Increases Stamina, and running does not cost Stamina if you are under a certain Weight.
  • Mule - Greatly increase your max Weight
  • Sprinter - Slightly increase Stamina and running speed and reduce running cost


  • Loot Goblin - Greatly increase looting speed. Can see chests through walls. Slightly more loot in chests.
  • Stealth - Decrease enemies' sight range. Enemies take longer to detect you. More damage while not detected.
  • Scout - Slightly increase looting speed. Enemies are visible for a longer time. More hidden stashes appear on maps.


  • Operator - Greatly reduce recoil and slightly increase reloading speed.
  • Fast Hands - Greatly increase reloading speed and slightly decrease recoil.
  • Sniper - Greatly increase Ergonomic stat while aiming. Greatly increase Damage while aiming.


  • Charm - Traders have more Roubles.
  • Storage - Traders have more of the items they sell.
  • Workaholic - Increase the rewards from quests.


  • Field Medic - Decrease Medication usage time.
  • Pharmacist - Allows you to Craft Injectors base on level if you have an Infirmary.


  • Modder - Mounted Mods are more effective.
  • Gear Lover - Greatly decreases the durability loss for Weapons and Armor.


  • Chef - Learn more recipes and greatly increase the nutritional value of the Foods you create.
  • Nutritionist - When you're not starving or dehydrated, you get more health and stamina.

WhatZero SievertSkill Specializations Should You Take?

Here are theZero SievertSpecializations I think you should take (and why):

  • Fitness - Take Sprinter. Faster running speed can save your life.
  • Style - Take Stealth. Being able to avoid enemies or get sneak attacks on them can prove useful.
  • Shooting - Take Sniper. The ability to do additional damage while aiming can allow you to set up some devastating first strikes.
  • Charisma - Take Charm. Your ability to make money is based on being able to sell things to Traders, and this will allow you to make money faster.
  • Medicine - Take Field Medic. Being able to quickly heal in the field is much more useful than being able to craft Injectors that you can buy.
  • Gunsmith - Take Modder. There is only so much you can improve a Weapon by Modding it, and additional bonuses are much more useful than reduced durability loss. You can buy more Weapon Repair Kits, but you can't buy better stats at a certain point.
  • Cooking - Take Nutritionist. You can loot or buy most Food; the Health and Stamina benefits from Nutritionist are much more useful.

How to Respec Your Specializations inZero Sievert

You can respec your Specializations by going to the Barman in the bunker and purchasing a Respec book for the appropriate Specialization.

That's the end of theZero SievertSkills Guide. While you're here, why not check out our other guides below?

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